Embrace The Weird|Lets Get Married


Hello blogging world how are youuuu?

Well I want to write more often so, I AM. First I want to talk about a great movie I watched last night called The Spectacular Now. It was a romantic dramady. For some reason, when I am bored, I find myself scouring for romantic comedies to watch. I saw this one and thought, “why not?”. I had no clue what the movie was about until I started it. I kind of like that feeling. You have no expectations, or opinions from others influencing your mind. I think I have picked some of my favorite movies this way. Back to the movie though. It was very well written, and I connected with the characters a bit. I could actually se different parts of me in the different characters which was interesting. The love interest in the movie:


Is BEAUTIFUL, and lets face it, I would put a ring on it. She played her character so well, and she made her role so believable. The main character in the film also did a great job at bringing his character to life. They weren’t your typical romantic couple that you see in every movie. The girl was timid, and innocent. She had never dated a guy before, and did not look at herself as someone who others would find attractive. The young man in the film was outgoing, the funny guy that everyone knew, but he carried a lot of family baggage. It was awesome to see two people, who aren’t the perfect looking couple, come together and make something real. I know it is Hollywood love, but passionate, unforgettable love is real. You just have to let God lead it! My favorite quote from the whole movie is: “Just remember this- weird’s good. Embrace the weird, dude. Enjoy it because it’s never going away.” Weird is awesome, weird is real. People act like weird is a bad word, or that it is a terrible thing to be. People say things are weird because they don’t understand it. Be yourself! The world would be a much better place if we all just showed the real us, all the time. You shouldn’t have to act for someone to like you. You shouldn’t have to walk around being someone totally different than who you really are. EMBRACE THE WEIRD PEOPLE! Love the things that you love, and don’t fear peoples opinions.

So on the way home from playing some basketball tonight, I was in the car with my boys Mike and Matt. We were talking about all sorts of topics, and it was very interesting how we went from technology in the future, to marriage. We are getting older and thinking about the future ladies. We are free agents, just trying to impress a team to give us a shot. Sports analogies; got to love them! It is just interesting how your love life changes as you get older. You go from those 2 week relationships, to actually looking for someone to build your life with. Looking for that person to date to build the foundation of marriage. I am in no rush to get married, but I can’t wait to be blessed with that person in my life. I just remember being younger, and not even having marriage cross my mind. I was too busy being a power ranger, fighting evil. Now I am getting to the end of my schooling, seeing people getting engaged and married, and just thinking okay…… when will it be my turn? All in God’s time though.

Life is truly a gift man. Like, what am I doing to deserve to still be here, or whats the plan? It is such a blessing. I know I talk about this a lot, but I think it is important to bring up. No matter how crappy it gets, it is still beautiful. When its good, it is just as beautiful. Embrace the life you have, embrace the weird.

I love you all.

I leave you with this:


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